Vegan Palooza
An event for compassionate foodies

Vegan Palooza 2023!

Demolishing the outdated myth that Vegan food is boring or limiting, some of the most talented food creators in SA will use the thousands of edible plants to guarantee there is something for everyone! Showcasing around 30 wonderful food stalls ranging from donuts, burgers, yiros and ice-cream. This ‘Dry July’, we will be offering alternatives to your favourite pub drinks. Vegan Palooza, where we mock the meat & the booze!

Vegan Palooza is embracing this global shift and championing two of SA’s proudest titles, leaders in social justice movements and one of the best foodie capitals of Australia.

Saturday 1 July
MAB Innovation Hub Tonsley
MAB Eastern Promenade, Clovelly Park SA

$2 Entry |  Undercover | No Dogs Allowed | Free Parking

Entry from Marion Road via Alawoona Ave. Entry from South Road via Tonsley Blvdor.
Train via the Tonsley Railway Station (Flinders line)


Vegan Palooza

We’re here to celebrate, promote, and provide education for a compassionate, healthy, and sustainable vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Palooza, from Any Excuse…